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My Journey in the Non-Profit World: Pt. 1

I joined Youth for Technology Foundation (YTF) in July this year as the Story-Teller for the organization. As a recent graduate with little experience, the transition has been difficult but rewarding. I’ve decided to write this series to better reflect on the work of the non-profit world and how I fit in it. This way, I can also better contribute to capturing their story with a clear mind and understanding.

To organize this first post, I’ll create three¬†lists. First, of what I’ve done. Second, what I’m working on now. Third, of how I can do better. And we’ll keep the content general so as to not give out any private information. This is solely an educational resource for myself and others. This isn’t a post on work complaints and celebrations. This is a reflective piece on the non-profit world.

  1. Past
    • Continued and created an Instagram account
    • Designed a calendar
    • Researched the organization and organizations similar to it
    • Set up and communicated with other people in the organization
  2. Present
    • Research the appropriate language to use when writing
    • Manage my time
    • Edit stories on interviews done
    • Constantly read articles on the research done in the field
  3. Future
    • Publish weekly stories
    • Create a timeline of the history of the organization
    • Have posts already drafted and scheduled to be published a week ahead of time

My job is to bring out their voice. However, my voice is accustomed to literature and philosophy, the extreme opposite of what the organization is about. But I can write. And I can read. In fact, I can speed read a bit, so as long as I keep getting better and show the world how great this organization is more and more, then I’ll be fine.

Btw, YTF is a non-profit organization founded by Njideka Harry. It focuses on technology and entrepreneurship education appropriate to each local community in which they work. At the moment they work in five different countries and provide multiple programs ranging from cell phone use for business to creative designs with 3D printing.

What I like about the organization: They make sure to build from the ground up and get in touch with the local government and other communities surrounding to provide what is appropriate for each area. Also, the passion is palpable and you can see the sincere longing for equity in the population for access to education in technology and empowerment in entrepreneurship.

I’m excited to share my findings and reactions to this non-profit world.