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Have you ever felt like you’re gonna go cross-eyed from focusing on too many things? I pride myself on giving my full attention on one thing at a time and also juggling so many jobs. But I dream of the day where I only have to worry on one thing. Which I don’t really think will happen because I’m interested in so many things.

Here’s my list: Full time job at insurance company, part time job instagramming for a non-profit, part time job blogging for a new start up company. Plus studying for the LSAT and regular family and friends and self time.

I love it.

Recently I accepted another project: Translating. At the insurance company, I will now be asking the interview questions in Spanish. Which is good practice for me and saves the company some money in hiring translators. Only problem is that I don’t know the medical terminology. Thus the translating and going back and forth between my rough medical vocabulary in Spanish and my mother, the nurse.

When will I learn to say enough? Or should I? Can I keep going?



Recent grad, future lawyer.

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