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on the road again

shoot, I forgot my traveling journal. My counselor gave me a leather travel journal as my graduation gift. Not that it’s such a big trip, but it’s always better for my brain and your’s, the reader. If I don’t wrote down my silly thoughts down that make no sense, then there’s no filter. If there’s no filter, the all you’re reading are jumbled thoughts…so I guess that’s what you’re reading. My apologies.

Anywho, I guess I should form this blog into some kind of structure. Behold: A guide for the sleepy driver. 😪 💤

Step 1- Preparation

I have to make sure I get some type of sleep beforehand. So minimum amount of sleep required is three hours. Mainly due to the sleep cycle. This way you won’t wake up too groggy from the middle of a sleep cycle.

Also, buy an energy drink in case of an emergency. Plus one or two snacks to energize the body and give yourself fuel.

Step 2: The drive

No matter if the passengers are sleeping, your needs come first. So if you need to put the music up a little louder or you need to lower the window a bit. You’re the driver, safety comes first.

The best case scenario, there are multiple drivers in the car/van…vehicle. This way, you can just keep switching every time you get sleepy or your eyes get dry or your body is sore from driving.

In case there isn’t another driver, stops are still recommended. Gas stations, rest stops. You can walk around or take a nap. Don’t feel silly for taking a break.

I used to be really sleepy driver. My college was only one hour away from my family’s house. Just one hour. But I would get sleepy and I would stop at a gas station and nap for 10-15 min. One time I made it a little bit more than halfway before I got sleepy. I didn’t want to give in to the nap. So instead I stopped at a nearby gas station and walked around a bit. Still good, but I needed the nap. A few minutes after the stop, I was driving and I fell asleep at the wheel. Thankfully no injures. No one got hurt except the side of my car and a stop sign. Poor stop sign.

Long story short, I learned my lesson. Mo matter how silly I may think my sleepiness is, I should always take it seriously.

Step 3: After

Once you’re done, congratulate yourself. Not just for your precautions but also for the simple awareness of your sleepy nature. Better be safe than sorry. Job well done and with more practice, road trips won’t be so bad.


By the way, this trips isn’t so bad. It’s from my home in Louisville to Chicago. So around a five hour drive. Everybody in the car can drive. One other and myself already drove one hour each, and my sister is right now finishing up one hour and going strong.

What are your tips for the sleepy driver? Comment below.





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