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My Journey in the Non-Profit World: Pt. 1

I joined Youth for Technology Foundation (YTF) in July this year as the Story-Teller for the organization. As a recent graduate with little experience, the transition has been difficult but rewarding. I’ve decided to write this series to better reflect on the work of the non-profit world and how I fit in it. This way, I can also better contribute to capturing their story with a clear mind and understanding.

To organize this first post, I’ll create three lists. First, of what I’ve done. Second, what I’m working on now. Third, of how I can do better. And we’ll keep the content general so as to not give out any private information. This is solely an educational resource for myself and others. This isn’t a post on work complaints and celebrations. This is a reflective piece on the non-profit world.

  1. Past
    • Continued and created an Instagram account
    • Designed a calendar
    • Researched the organization and organizations similar to it
    • Set up and communicated with other people in the organization
  2. Present
    • Research the appropriate language to use when writing
    • Manage my time
    • Edit stories on interviews done
    • Constantly read articles on the research done in the field
  3. Future
    • Publish weekly stories
    • Create a timeline of the history of the organization
    • Have posts already drafted and scheduled to be published a week ahead of time

My job is to bring out their voice. However, my voice is accustomed to literature and philosophy, the extreme opposite of what the organization is about. But I can write. And I can read. In fact, I can speed read a bit, so as long as I keep getting better and show the world how great this organization is more and more, then I’ll be fine.

Btw, YTF is a non-profit organization founded by Njideka Harry. It focuses on technology and entrepreneurship education appropriate to each local community in which they work. At the moment they work in five different countries and provide multiple programs ranging from cell phone use for business to creative designs with 3D printing.

What I like about the organization: They make sure to build from the ground up and get in touch with the local government and other communities surrounding to provide what is appropriate for each area. Also, the passion is palpable and you can see the sincere longing for equity in the population for access to education in technology and empowerment in entrepreneurship.

I’m excited to share my findings and reactions to this non-profit world.

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Have you ever felt like you’re gonna go cross-eyed from focusing on too many things? I pride myself on giving my full attention on one thing at a time and also juggling so many jobs. But I dream of the day where I only have to worry on one thing. Which I don’t really think will happen because I’m interested in so many things.

Here’s my list: Full time job at insurance company, part time job instagramming for a non-profit, part time job blogging for a new start up company. Plus studying for the LSAT and regular family and friends and self time.

I love it.

Recently I accepted another project: Translating. At the insurance company, I will now be asking the interview questions in Spanish. Which is good practice for me and saves the company some money in hiring translators. Only problem is that I don’t know the medical terminology. Thus the translating and going back and forth between my rough medical vocabulary in Spanish and my mother, the nurse.

When will I learn to say enough? Or should I? Can I keep going?

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on the road again

shoot, I forgot my traveling journal. My counselor gave me a leather travel journal as my graduation gift. Not that it’s such a big trip, but it’s always better for my brain and your’s, the reader. If I don’t wrote down my silly thoughts down that make no sense, then there’s no filter. If there’s no filter, the all you’re reading are jumbled thoughts…so I guess that’s what you’re reading. My apologies.

Anywho, I guess I should form this blog into some kind of structure. Behold: A guide for the sleepy driver. 😪 💤

Step 1- Preparation

I have to make sure I get some type of sleep beforehand. So minimum amount of sleep required is three hours. Mainly due to the sleep cycle. This way you won’t wake up too groggy from the middle of a sleep cycle.

Also, buy an energy drink in case of an emergency. Plus one or two snacks to energize the body and give yourself fuel.

Step 2: The drive

No matter if the passengers are sleeping, your needs come first. So if you need to put the music up a little louder or you need to lower the window a bit. You’re the driver, safety comes first.

The best case scenario, there are multiple drivers in the car/van…vehicle. This way, you can just keep switching every time you get sleepy or your eyes get dry or your body is sore from driving.

In case there isn’t another driver, stops are still recommended. Gas stations, rest stops. You can walk around or take a nap. Don’t feel silly for taking a break.

I used to be really sleepy driver. My college was only one hour away from my family’s house. Just one hour. But I would get sleepy and I would stop at a gas station and nap for 10-15 min. One time I made it a little bit more than halfway before I got sleepy. I didn’t want to give in to the nap. So instead I stopped at a nearby gas station and walked around a bit. Still good, but I needed the nap. A few minutes after the stop, I was driving and I fell asleep at the wheel. Thankfully no injures. No one got hurt except the side of my car and a stop sign. Poor stop sign.

Long story short, I learned my lesson. Mo matter how silly I may think my sleepiness is, I should always take it seriously.

Step 3: After

Once you’re done, congratulate yourself. Not just for your precautions but also for the simple awareness of your sleepy nature. Better be safe than sorry. Job well done and with more practice, road trips won’t be so bad.


By the way, this trips isn’t so bad. It’s from my home in Louisville to Chicago. So around a five hour drive. Everybody in the car can drive. One other and myself already drove one hour each, and my sister is right now finishing up one hour and going strong.

What are your tips for the sleepy driver? Comment below.



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I spent the first Monday after I graduate from my Hanover College splurging on the recent TV show my family and I are crazy over: Suits. The entire day, I’ve sat down, stayed down, eaten Chinese, and watched episode after episode. Honestly….it doesn’t feel so good. I have a little bit of my life together and I can pretend that I’m some big somebody because I got my degree, but my brain keeps telling myself that I’m being lazy. Or maybe I’m going crazy from the amount of hours I’ve been sitting down and doing nothing. Not that relaxing is bad, but it wasn’t really very relaxing. I know that in the long run it’ll be worth it because my family will spend hours over dinner laughing from the quotes we’ve used in this witty, lawyer show. But the truth? Is that I deserve to figure out my life and relax on my own terms, if I decide what those terms are.

But at the same time, I’m writing this blog, trying to be productive because, even though I’ve graduated, I still have a laundry list to do.


Blogging for an actual job.

Finishing up an essay and all the details summarizing a grant trip I just took.

Applying to more jobs.

Schedule the orientation and other opportunities already set up.

Figuring out an exercise plan.

Yet, here I am. Why? I took all the trouble of making a new email address because every email address I already had were taken up by a minimum of two different blogs each. The hassle of figuring out which blog with which email I was logging into was too much trouble. So I started a new one. A new one to commence my graduation from college and keep in touch with my friends. And if anybody else liked my writing? It’d be a plus. Plus, I get to practice my writing and that’s never a bad thing, even if I sound like a fool half the time.

So I’m writing this blog for myself, I’m writing it or my friends, and I’m writing it to that random stranger who happened to come across my blog. The cool thing about the first blog I started was that I could see the traffic, I could easily do a lot of things for free on And it was pretty cool seeing a few people from France read my blog on college fashion, as corny as it was. However, if I’ve learned anything from college, is that I have to pursue my dreams no matter what others say or how much attention they give you. However, I’m not writing to explain what a pessimist college has made me. In fact, I consider myself an encouraging realist, one who sometimes has her head in the clouds but can level herself out pretty good.

Actually, since I’m talking about myself, I should make my biases straight. I’m a feminist, I support equity and equality, I was a Christian, now I’m searching, I’m Latina, I support diversity, I like to think I’m open-minded, but I’m also firm in my values.

What else? What else is needed in this less-than-formal blog that is in the hands of a passionate idealist? Something different that will at least attract and retain readers. How about this: every post will contain a lesson of the day. This is a journal so it will include my babbling, but I do value education and at least recording my own findings will help me reflect on what I’ve experienced in life.

Lesson of the Day: Help around the house.

While we were watching tv all day, the dishes slowly piled up and trash slowly covered any white space in our kitchen. Thankfully, my family left the house for a bit, so I wasn’t under the influence to be lazy and began to at least do the minimum of taking out the trash and rinsing all the dishes.